Aquarius Overview (January 20-February 18)1aq

  • Aquarius love: dreaming about the future and being seen as independent
  • Aquarius key colours: indigo blue and purple
  • Aquarius ruling planet: Saturn/Uranus, symbolizing knowledge, invention, and humanitarianism
  • Aquarius day of the week– Saturday
  • Aquarius  at Best : Thoughtful, Humane, Loyal, Inventive, Independent
  • Aquarius at Worse :Self-centred, Lacking in confidence, overly curious about others, Lacking tact, Unwilling to stick up for beliefs

Aquarius Personality – The sign of the water bearer – Aquarius, in the real sense are the humanitarian and philanthropists of the zodiac. This sign will work for the larger cause, for a better world to live in. Things that enthrall this sign are modernism and novelty. It’s very well-known that Aquarians are the discoverers, inventors, explorers and thinkers of the zodiac. They always look for new things to refine their minds. Intellectual talks and things never fail to attract an Aquarius. Their wit and intelligence appeals to a lot of people and they are very popular in their social circles.

Aquarians dislike monotony, which is why they always think of incorporating creative and out of the box ways into their work. Aquarius love to follow their own rules. This sign has a tendency to detach themselves from others and stay aloof quite often and this trait can make them miss out on many opportunities.