Cancer Overview (June 21-July 20)

  • Cancer love: being seen as dependable and protective by your friends
  • Cancer key colors: white, silver, and pearly shades of grey
  • Cancer day of the week: Monday
  • Cancer ruling planet: the moon, which symbolizes intuition and memory
  • Cancer at Best  – Compassionate, Helpful, Caring, Protective
  • Cancer at Worse- Possessive, Easily hurt, Moody, Stuck in their ways, Selfish

 Cancer Personality – Those born under the sign Cancer are homely and emotional. Cancers are at their best when they are at the comforts of their home and family. Cancer native possess strong maternal instincts and are also called the nurturer of the zodiac calendar. Generally, they are the most gentle and empathetic sign.

Crabs come across as moody and baby-like cranky person to others. The Crab sign symbolizes the clingy nature of a Cancer. They must learn to move on in life as they have this habit of holding onto past which will only hamper their growth in life. This sign is not very easy to understand as they are the reserved bit and guard their true emotions well beneath their facade. Cancers have the noteworthy quality of making excellent parents. In the relationship front, this sign is dedicated and faithful, bestowing great affections verbal as well as material.