Capricorn Overview (December 21-January 19)


  • Capricorn love: putting in whatever it takes to succeed at everything you try
  • Capricorn Key Colours: Steely gray and dark blue
  • Capricorn day of the week: Saturday
  • Capricorn ruling planet: Saturn, which symbolizes ambition and persistence
  • Capricorn  at Best   Organized, Hardworking, Ambitious , Concerned, Respectful
  • Capricorn  at Worse – Critical , Miserly , Anxious , Controlling, perfectionist

Capricorn Personality –Capricorn is symbolized by a goat, and like a mountain goat, the need of this sign is to reach great heights in every pursuits of their life. Those born under this sign are extremely ambitious and hard-working individuals. They take their responsibilities seriously and plan for the long run and diligently work towards securing their future. Though this sign is very practical, yet they lack spontaneity and tend to move only according to advance planning.

The influence of the ruling planet Saturn in Capricorn makes this sign stick to discipline and persistence in their undertakings. This sign is cautious, the one who will never take an impulsive decision to bring any sort of risk to their lives.

Love for a Capricorn is stability and commitment. Loved ones are assured of loyalty and care in return from this sign. However, they can be unemotional at the same time and may choose duty and virtue over love, when time calls for.