Gemini Overview  (May 21-June 20)

  • geminiGemini love: mental challenges and interesting discussions
  • Gemini key colors: all shades-of  Green
  • Gemini ruling planet: Mercury,, which symbolizes youth, relationships, and change
  • Gemini day of the week: Wednesday
  • Gemini Best At – Inquisitive, Inventive, Entertaining, Versatile, Open-minded
  • Gemini Worse At – Restless, Easily bored, Impatient, Gossipy, A split personality

Gemini Personality-The identical twins of the zodiac, Gemini are blessed with dual nature that is they are influenced by both by their hearts and their minds. The mercurial sign is known as the messenger of zodiac signs. The ones born under this sign are intelligent, versatile, communicative and. Ruled by mercury – the planet of communication and speed, is what brings out the constant need to communicate inside the Gemini born natives. The curious side of their nature makes them seek information about almost anything and everything. They also love to share the knowledge they gain with people they love as this gives them the fun bit in their life.

The double sided nature of the Gemini is what makes them restless and erratic. Gemini born is smart and lively people, but at the same time, they get bored very easily. They nurture positive relations with their friends and family by taking care of their needs.