General Remedies

  • If you are looking for a job transfer to another place, offer water to Sun in the morning before 9am . The water must contain 21 seeds of Red chilles. Do this remedy for 43 Days.
  • Lit a sarson oil lamp in morning and add 2 flowered cloves into it. Now pray to your god to remove all obstacles. Leave for your office / Business after this remedy.
  • Offer Food to disabled People twice a month this would earn you lot of blessings and you increase the chances of promotion.
  • Offer 21 Gomti chakras to Lord Shiva on a Monday and also offer pure water to shiva for continuous 43 days to witness the change in job.
  • Recite gayatri mantra 108 times for 11 continuous days starting from Sunday. For growth in career.
  • Regularly offer water to peepal tree for promotion and stability in job.
  • Offer banana to a cow on every Thursday. This will increase the chances of promotion.
  • Offer Seven cereals to birds. Sabut Urad or Kali Daal, whole green gram or sabut moong or whole moong daal, kale chane, baeley grain or Jau ,Rice and bajra. This is done for carrer growth.
  • Wear gauri shankar Rudraksh or may keep it in your purse for early marriage.
  • This is an old remedy that works best. Take an old Lock without key and rotate it around your head 7 times and throw it at any crossing and don’t look back. Do this before 9am. Marriage proposals will start pouring in.
  • Offer Red chunni, red bangles and sindur to lord shiva and parvati. This will help in early marriage.
  • Wear Yellow clothes on Thursdays, its very effective for success in love and relationship.
  • Keep some water in an utensil beside your bed. In the morning use this water to water any plant or tree. This remedy is useful for reducing troubles, obsolesces and disputes.
  • You should feed monkeys for progress in financial conditions. Feed cows for better relationship with your wife. Feed fish and crows for improving financial condition.
  • As sson as you wake up look at your palms. Its said goddess Laxshmi resides in your palms and brings financial gains.
  • Offer boiled rice to crows on Saturday which would help in career growth.
  • Recite gayatri mantra and mahamrityunjaya mantra 31 times everyday to enhance your luck.
  • Apply Kesar and sandalwood tika on your forehead every Thursday. This would help you attract money in your life.
  • Plant a Anar Tree in your house to enhance inflow of money.
  • Offer Lal sandalwood Tilak To shivlinga in any mandir near your house. This would help you attract money.
  • Offer Red clothes and sindur to Lord Hanuman for 8 Saturdays and money will start flowing.
  • Take a white paper and draw a triangle with Red ink and write “Shreem “In it and keep in your pocket.