Leo Overview (July 21-August 21)

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  • Leo love: people seeing you as someone with a love of life and ability to organize and lead.
  • Leo key colors: regal shades such as red, purple, and gold
  • Leo day of the week : Sunday
  • Leo ruling planet: the sun (though it’s really a star), which symbolizes life, exploration, and authority
  • Leo  at Best   Loyal, Dignified, Kind, Generous, Courageous
  • Leo  at Worse – Stubborn, Arrogant, Smug, bragging, sulky

Leo Personality –The royal sign of the zodiac, Leos, akin to their name, are ambitious, bold, strong and regal in every facet of their life. Those born under this sign are independent, self-confident and dominant. Leo’s love power and this makes them the most authoritative sign of all the signs of the zodiac.

Daring and hardworking a Leo will take projects at hand that others would normally dare. Leo’s are attention seekers and love to be in the center stage. This sign makes for a loving and a jovial friend that one can have but their pride and ego also demands for adoration, admiration and flattery in return. Most of the times, Leos can be arrogant and hurtful to others by their brash and outspoken behavior. But at the same time they have a soft side too that makes up for it.