Libra Overview (September 23 – October 22)                                                                     

  • libra-2Libra Love: elegance and all things romantic
  • Libra Key colors: light blue and shades of grey
  • Libra ruling planet: Venus, which symbolises justice and love of the art
  • Libra Day of the week– Friday
  • Libra at Best   Artistic, negotiator, Romantic, Fair-minded, Sincere
  • Libra at Worse – Sulky, Indecisive, Flirtatious, Fearful, Manipulative
  • Libra Personality –The sign of the scale, Librans are all about balance, harmony and beauty in life. They are the easy going and sociable kinds. Libra born is thought to be the most romantic and charming of all signs. People are drawn to this sign because of their pleasing nature and it is no doubt that they are named as the peace maker of the zodiac. Justice and fairness matters to them, and they possess ability to look into matters in an impartial manner, whatever the issue may be. Librans are good at getting things done smoothly because of their great organising planning skills.People of this sign have great diplomatic skills too. Most Libra born will be in a dilemma when they have to make a choice and this puts them in an indecisive situation very often and which is their biggest drawback.