piecesPisces Overview (February 19 – March 20)

  • Pisces love: being seen as easygoing and super-creative
  • Pisces key colours: turquoise and yellowish
  • Pisces day of the week: Thursday
  • Pisces ruling planet: Jupiter/Neptune, which symbolizes solitude and mysticism
  • Pisces Best – Trusting, Helpful, Creative, Gentle, Understanding
  • Pisces Worse – Self-pitying, Dependent, Insecure, blaming on yourself

Pisces Personality – The twelfth sign of the zodiac and symbolized by the fish, Pisces sign is known to be dreamy, romantic and creative sign. Their imagination levels are of prime level which can help them achieve great heights. They are emotional, generous and gentle beings. For this sign, human relations are of utmost value and put people they love at top priority. Soft spoken and kind, they treat others well and expect the same in return.

Neptune influences the Pisces and they are known to live in their own dream world. A spiritual being, this sign’s inner aim is to find peace and harmony. They hate any sort of conflict and prefer to avoid such situations as much as they can. Their sense of intuition is so strong that they take decisions based on their instincts more than on facts and valid reasoning.

Pisces born have sensitive nature and tend to get hurt easily. It is often hard for this sign to overcome setbacks very easily. Being selfless is their natural quality, but they may not be recognised for it always. More than often this sign comes across as timid, which can make them subject to vulnerability.