Sagittarius Overview (November 23-December 20)


  • Sagittarius love: Optimistic and Honest
  • Sagittarius key colors: light golden yellow
  • Sagittarius day of the week: Thursday
  • Sagittarius ruling planet: Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and fairness and encourages constant learning
  • Sagittarius at Best   Optimistic, Honest, Enthusiastic, Inspiring, Open to suggestions
  • Sagittarius  at Worse – Argumentative, Impatient , Indulgent, A risk taker

Sagittarius Personality – The Sagittarius is known to be the most happy-go-lucky signs of the zodiac. This sign is influenced by Jupiter – the planet of good luck, fortune and expansion. Sagittarius sign is energetic, versatile, adventurous, and always keen to experience new things. They have a positive approach towards life .You have an immense urge to travel the world and explore new things. One of the main reasons is that your mind searches for new dimensions constantly. Sagittarius, the sign of centaur (half – human and half – horse), are optimistic beings and even if their hopes are dashed, they continue to believe that things will turn out to be good.

Sagittarius born loves their independence and this love for freedom makes them maintain a balance between their loyalty and independence. Adhering to conventions is not in their books. Winning friends over comes naturally to them because of their versatile and cheerful nature.