Scorpio Overview (October 23 – November 22)


  • Scorpio love: challenges and determination
  • Scorpio key colors: Red and Black
  • Scorpio day of the week: Tuesday
  • Scorpio ruling planet : Mars
  • Scorpio at Best   Passionate, Protective, Concerned, Investigative, Not easily shocked
  • Scorpio  at Worse – Possessive, Jealous, Insulting, Cunning, Quick-tempered

Scorpio Personality – Intense, powerful, commanding, passionate and mysterious are the qualities that best describes a Scorpio-born. They have a magnetic aura in them that is hard to ignore. Things that motivate Scorpios the most are power, position and money. Secretly ambitious and persistent in nature, these individuals, when they have eyes set on their goals, will put all their heart and soul in achieving it.

On a personal level, Scorpios are very devoted to people they love and are very protective about them. In relationships, Scorpios are the loving and faithful kind but, at the contrary they also make for a possessive and jealous partner. Insult or injury does not go down very well with this sign and they can nurture vengeance inside. The extreme nature of Scorpios, with inconsistencies, makes them the most misunderstood signs among the zodiac.