Taurus Overview (April 21-May 20)

  • Taurus love: being recognized for your persistence and patience
  • Taurus colors: green and pink
  • Taurus day of the week: Friday
  • Taurus ruling planet: Venus, which symbolizes love and beauty.
  • Taurus Best at – Dependable, Patient, Attentive, Artistic, Resourceful
  • Taurus Worse at – Slow-moving, Insensitive, Stubborn, Prone to procrastinating, Easily embarrassed

Taurus Personality-The key traits of a Taurus are Prosperity, Harmony, Security, Determination, and Cautiousness. Taureans are considered to be as the builder of the zodiac, reason being their steady, creative and practical attributes. Taurus sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of romance that is associated with leisure, pleasure, beauty, harmony and arts.

Represented by the bull sign, Taurus is strong headed. It is hard to change a Taurus mind because they believe they are always right. Belonging to the earth element these individuals are known to be very reliable people. They are also very calm people who know how to control things around them. But once provoked, they can be wrathful.

Their stable nature can make this sign stubborn because they don’t like changes and find it hard to adapt. A Taurus’s love for food is immense; they enjoy eating as well as cooking. As lovers, a Taurus is known to be very loyal and dependent. And, it holds the same in friendship for this sign, very reliable and warm hearted