Virgo Overview (August 22-September 22)

  • Virgo love: being seen as someone who perceptive and patient
  • Virgo key colors: greens
  • Virgo day of the week : Wednesday
  • Virgo ruling planets: Mercury, which symbolizes adaptability and diplomacy
  • Virgo  at Best – Gentle, Helpful, Organized, Dedicated, Witty
  • Virgo  at Worse – Prone to worrying Prudish, Undemonstrative, Overly demanding of others, Prone to irritability

Virgo Personality – The 6th sign of the zodiac Virgo is a sign of purity. The sign is mostly associated with perfection, cleanliness, good order and conventions. This sign is governed by Mercury which is known for speed and communication. They make for expert communicators and often good at giving advice. They are the kind of observant, critical, judicious and practical. Their approach is methodical, practical and logical in whatever they do and they prefer supervising each task themselves without depending on others. They will have to learn to avoid overdoing things.

Virgos have immense willingness to serve and love helping others. Virgo natives are good at organizing things and make for good managers. Virgos are refined and dignified and don’t appreciate unnecessary attention. They are considered perfectionists, as they give importance to careful and precise details. While the meticulous quality of a Virgo can be a good thing, but at times, this extreme behavior can make them neglect the main issues.