Monday, 14 Nov,2016 – Sunday, 20 Nov,2016


1. AriesArians, who are into studies will obtain good scores. You will receive a good news from the children’s side. As time is in your favor, it would be great if you doing any investment. You might become strong, financially due to a new source of income coming in your way. It is advisable not to depend completely on destiny, hard work is needed.


taurus_1Taureans, this week will give you some relaxation. You might go on an outing with friends or family. The week will start with all the powerfulness in your attitude. In the mid week, you might feel stressed due to the work pressure. You will be to finish all your assigned tasks on time which will give you appreciation from seniors. Also, there is a chance of an increase in salary or position.


geminiGeminis, this week you will be loaded with heavy work. Family members demand and targets might bother you. Everything will be alright if you avoid your anger. This week might test you; so have patience and be calm is the key message to you. Your expenditure is likely to increase on your cosmetic products is what predicted.


cancerCancerians, this week you will be busy welcoming the guests at home and will spend your time with them. Your reputation might get down, therefore, to avoid that; it is important to control your anger. Also, there are chances that someone from office might create hurdles. So, be careful. As this week, your enemies are likely to harm you.


leoLions, this week a kind nature will developed in you. A lot of charities & donations will be made by you. There are chances that you might meet some very influential personality. Office goers, you will spend this time smoothly whereas businessmen are recommended not to do any experiment. Family support will be maintained and you might even plan a trip along with them.


virgo2Virgonians, this week might put you in confusions. You might face some complications in taking right decisions. Bachelors who are looking forwards to get married might find some issues. In this time; do not take any important decisions of business. It is recommended, to be calm and take advice of seniors and elders.


libra-2Librans, this week might go on shopping and will spend quality time with cousins and friends. A purchase of new vehicle or gadget might be observed. With this expenses are likely to increase on luxurious items. However, you are advised; not to increase your purchases & waste money. Librans, can expect good results in studies. Lastly, take care as you might get deviated from work.


scorpioScorpions, a full support will be gained from children & partner. Although, some disputes are possible with elder brother or with parents. Some hectic time table will be maintained but will not last for long. But, not to worry, you will be able to complete all your work on time. This time personal life with spouse will become better. Lastly, take care of your health.


sagittarius2Sagittarians, your presence of mind and efficiency is likely to take a hike. To make it better. Your efforts towards a certain thing will improve. This week you will prepare a delicious food which will be appreciated. It is suggested to avoid travelling at night. Chances of losing wallet or minor theft are possible.


capricorn2Capricorns, this time you will think in a wide way and will bring many new ideas to expand your business. An assured success is waiting for you which will direct you towards success. Couples, you might face some light up and down. An expenditure is likely to raise due to the decor items of the house.


aquarius2Aquarians, everything will become in your favor this week. Time is very lucky, servicemen will gain positive outcomes also, if you want to take any major decision in business. Thus, this week even your thinking ability towards something major will increase. This week, effectiveness can be observed in decisions through results. People will also seek you for advices.


piecesPisceans, this week is good to get desired wishes come true. You might have to travel some other place due to work. You explore new friends and places which will increase your efforts of work. You might be transferred to a new place. It is recommended not to increase your expenses, as income will be constant. Keep a watch on your spouse’s health.